Comics Head V3.1 receives 5 star rating from Educational App Store!

Fri, 11 Nov, 2016 at 15:00

After the release of the Version 3.1 of Comics Head, the app is getting more praise than ever. The Educational App Store gave a positive review about all the newly added features and is especially excited about the new 'Art Pool'.  The Art pool is a platform for young children to showcase their Art in the Art Pool. This gives kids a lot of exposure and encouragement to showcase their creativity and is thus appreciated by the Teacher who reviewed the app. The Teacher begins by explaining all the special features that make Comics Head unique and how she is impressed by the Asset Store and its diversity. A special mention has been made to the various options that are available within the app to share your Artwork and comics with others. The review ends with the Version 3.1 features which have made the app more exciting and deserving of 5 stars!


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