Q: What's the difference between the lite version and paid version?

A: The lite version provides you with a trial of Comics Head with restricted features whereas the paid version has a lot more features, templates, assets for you to explore.


Q: How do I get started?

A: You can start by clicking on 'CREATE NEW COMIC' and choose from a blank page or pre-defined templates and build on by choosing different characters and props to your comic.


Q: What are Templates?

A: emplates are pre-defined structures to help you enhance your comic creativity. You can create your own templates and 'SAVE AS TEMPLATE' and locate them at the bottom row of the home page and in 'MY TEMPLATES' on clicking on 'CREATE NEW COMIC'.


Q: How do I add pages to my comic series?

A: You can add pages by clicking on the ADD/OPEN option on the top left corner and select the page with + symbol.


Q: How do I delete pages from my comic series?

A: You can delete pages by clicking on the ADD/OPEN option on the top left corner and select the page with - symbol.


Q: How do I edit my comics later?

A: On clicking Save, you have various options to save your output. Choose the 'SAVE TO EDIT' option. You can later open them by clicking ADD/OPEN and the last file option from the drop-down. You will be able to access the editable comics and comics saved to google drive.


Q: What are parental settings?

A: Parental settings is a feature used to control the external websites, media files and social media websites that can be accessed through Comics Head, to protect children from unsupervised access.


Q: How can I use parental settings?

A: Enter your e-mail ID when prompted to generate a One-time password Enter the 4 digit password and click on 'ENABLE PARENTAL SETTINGS' Set a new password and re-enter it to enable parental settings Choose the external links you wish to lock by sliding the relevant radio button


Q: Why should I provide my e-mail ID for parental settings?

A: An e-mail is required to register and verify the parent user and generate a one-time password with which the user can set a new pass-code of their choice and select the links they would like to lock.


Q: What is the Asset Store?

A: The Asset store is a collection of themed assets for users to download and use in their comics. The asset store will be constantly updated with new assets from time to time.


Q: What is the Art Pool?

A: The Art Pool is a repository of Art shared by common individuals to be used by others free of cost in their Comic creations. This is a platform created with the intention of sharing free creative art assets to the users of Comics Head. The individual/artist who submits to Art Pool will be featured in the Comics Head App along with their Artwork, biography and professional contact details gaining due recognition.


Q: How can I submit Artwork to the Art Pool?

A: Go to the Art Pool section in Comics Head and click on the link provided at the bottom of the section. You will be re-directed to a Registration form to fill in your details and upload your artwork.


Q: Will I be notified when my Artwork makes it into Art Pool?

A: Yes, we will contact you by email once we have gone through your work and have approved it for featuring in the Art Pool. We will also contact you if we have any concerns regarding your submitted artwork.


Q: What are editable speech bubbles and how do I use them?

A: Editable speech bubbles allow you to re-position the tails of your speech bubbles in any direction and shape. Select an editable speech bubble and hold the end of its tail to move it to the desired direction and pull on the centre of the tail to angle it. On tapping on the bubble, you can also customise the speech bubble border's width and use different lines. There is also the option to change the color of the border and add shadow to the bubble.


Q: What about the normal speech bubbles?

A: The regular (non-editable) speech bubbles are also interesting in a way that you can add/change the color of the entire bubble or create gradient colors.


Q: How can I customise text?

A: Tap on the text and an edit menu will appear. You can customise text by choosing the color, font size, alignment, font type, line spacing, drop cap, outline and shadow.


Q: How does the Audio speech bubble work?

A: From the speech bubble menu, choose audio speech bubble. When it appears on the page, tap it to see an edit menu pop-up, from which you will find that you can record your own voice audio and preview it, import audio, trim the audio, color, duplicate, delete or re-arrange the playback sequence.


Q: What do you mean by photo comics?

A: Brought to you to indulge in some fun, a photo comic is a comic that uses a photograph of your choice as the background image. You can open your camera and click away or choose from your photo gallery.


Q: How can I download images from Google Drive?

A: In the Assets section, choose on photos and sign in to your google account to access your google drive images. Tap on the image of your choice to download.


Q: How do I find my saved comics?

A: On the home page of the Comics Head app, you will find a 'My comics' button. On clicking this, you will re-directed to a page displaying 'MY COMICS' – which are your saved comics and 'GOOGLE DRIVE COMICS' – which are comics you chose to save to google drive. While you are working on a comic, you can click on ADD/OPEN on the top left corner and select the last option.


Q: What if I don't find a particular Character/Asset that I'm looking for?

A: You can purchase and download PNG images of the required characters/assets and upload them onto your Google drive/Drop-box or the other external app options allowed by Comics Head. To open these characters in Comics Head, please follow the below instructions -

  • 1.Click on Assets - Photos - select Google drive/Drop-box
  • 2.You will be asked to sign in to your account
  • 3.Once you have logged in, you will see all the images that you have uploaded to your Google drive or Drop-box account


Q: If I forget to save my comic, is there any way to recover it?

A: The comic that you worked on last will be automatically saved and you can locate it on the home page under 'Last worked comic'.


Q: How can I duplicate my entire comic page when creating a whole comic series?

A: When you have finished creating the 1st page of your comic series, click on ADD/OPEN and select the 2nd option which is a page with + symbol on it. On selecting this, you will be re-directed to a screen with a choice of page options. Select 'PANEL' and under this choose a page layout (panel type should be the same one as you chose for your previous page) - for example if you choose the first option (the plain page) - you will see a pop up titled 'CARRY FORWARD PROPERTIES TO THE NEXT PAGE?' In the pop-up you may choose whether you want to carry forward all the contents of the page/backgrounds/characters/props. You can also save a common template and use it in other comic pages of the same series.


Q: What is the paint feature used for?

A: You can create your own drawings from imagination with crayon, line or different shapes and color them using colors. There are also eraser, undo & redo and clear all options to assist you.


Q: How can I edit my Art assets while creating a comic page?

A: Tap on the object that you wish to edit and you will see an edit menu pop-up. From this menu, you can choose to flip, duplicate, crop, crop using different shapes, filter, make transparent or add a shadow. There is another 'MORE' option which enables you to draw and color over the object. In the same menu, there is a 'POSE' option for characters, which allows you to pick from different expressions for the same character.


Q: How does filter work?

A: You can add filters from the edit menu. Choose from a range of different filters to change the look of your image with textures, alter the contrast of an image or add color tones to it.


Q: What do I do if I want to change the order of my comic pages or individual objects in the process of creating my comic series?

A: No fret! We have for you the 'LAYERS' option to re-arrange or lock the different object layers in your comic and the 'PAGE SORTER' option to re-arrange pages of the comic series. Both these tools are located on the top menu and they are so easy to use, all you have to do is just drag and drop to re-arrange layers or pages. You can also delete layers/pages.


Q: How does the Sideshow work?

A: Choose from your saved comics or from your photo library and set a transition for the order of your slide-show. You can export the presentation as a PDF to other apps too.


Q: How can I preview my work?

A: There is a preview option on the top menu. You can save your comics and view them as a slide-show. When your comic has audio in it, the preview will be generated as a video.


Q: How can I save my comic as a video?

A: You can save your comic with 'SAVE AS VIDEO' n the save menu and this saves the video in your photo library. You can also save it to google drive as a back-up. There is an option for you to even share your video on You-tube.


Q: Can I use screen-shots for my comic?

A: Yes, you can use web screen-shots to your comic by tapping on 'WEB' in the sub-menu and then you will have a screen-shot symbol on the top right. This will capture the screen and directly add to your current comic page. You can even use the 'MAP' found next to 'WEB' to screen-shot your location on the map and use in your comic page.


Q: What are the Exporting options?

A: From Comics Head you can export your finished comic as a PDF or an image to other apps that you have allowed permission to. The apps that you use with Comics Head will be listed under 'EXPORT' and you will be able to open the comic within that chosen app.