General :

Q: What do I get if I win the contest?

A: Your name will be published along with your comic on the ComicsHead website, everybody will know you WON!


Q: Why do I need to create my profile?

A: Creating a profile enables you to 'Create Comics' and creates an account for your own personal page of created comics,Favourites etc. Also lets other users see your profile, interests, other details etc. and vice versa.


Q: What is Comics Series?

A: Comic series is when you create multiple comics with one permanent character.Refer to the section for examples.


Q: What are Custom Comics?

A: You ask , we make. Customized with your needs.Refer to the section for contact details.


Q: What is the Contest?

A: You create your masterpiece and submit to us for the contest, we will announce the winners on a declared date.


Q: What do I get if I win the contest?

A: Your name will be published along with your comic on the ComicsHead website, everybody will know you WON!


Q: How do I post a feedback?

A: We welcome your inputs. You will always find the 'Feedback' button on right side.


Q: What are Comic Book, Comic Strip, Mobile Comics and Photo Comics under the Comic section?

A: Comic Strip is a one page/strip comic with various panels partitions.
Comic book is a comic with multiple comic strips.
Mobile Comics are the existing comics to download for your mobiles/tablets like Panchatantra, Rambow Ramu, Gandhi etc.
Photo Comics : As the name suggests enables you to add your clicked pictures or other images to your comic


Q: How do I edit/delete an already saved comic of mine?

A: Open the comic created by you, you will see tabs above the comic viz. View, Edit and Delete.


Q: How do I mark a comic as 'Favourite'?

A: Open the comic and on the right side you will find an option to mark it as 'Favourite'.


Q: How do I Create and publish my comic?

A: You need to Sign up before you start creating your comics.Now log in and get access to 'Comics Creator', here you will find options for Saving publishing and muc more.


Q: Is there any other version of ComicsHead than web?

A: For your delight, Yes!


Q: What are parental settings?

A: Parental settings is a feature used to control the external websites, media files and social media websites that can be accessed through Comics Head, to protect children from unsupervised access.


Q: How can I use parental settings?

A: Enter your e-mail ID when prompted to generate a One-time password

    Enter the 4 digit password and click on 'ENABLE PARENTAL SETTINGS'

    Set a new password and re-enter it to enable parental settings

    Choose the external links you wish to lock by sliding the relevant radio button


Q: Why should I provide my e-mail ID for parental settings?

A: An e-mail is required to register and verify the parent user and generate a one-time password with which the user can set a new passcode of their choice and select the links they would like to lock.


ComicsHead is available on following platforms:


Please find below the links of ComicsHead available on various platforms :


App Store


For iPad :
Lite version: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/comics-head-lite/id525363849?mt=8
Full version: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/comics-head/id480969185?mt=8


For iPhone:


Google Play

Full Version : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nextwave.comicshead
Lite Version : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nextwave.comicsheadlite


Intel AppUp



Check out the website for more. www.comicshead.com


Functional :


Q: How do I select an object and display it in the comic?

A: You will need to click, hold and then drag the object to your comic strip area in order to place it.


Q: How do I use the background color?

A: Go to the tab BG Color in the Workarea, click and hold on a color, drag it to the section of the strip you want.release the mouse button.Done!


Q: What is difference between "Save Draft" and "Save & Publish"?

A: Save Draft : Save your comic and keep it to yourself for future amendments in case you dont want to publish for now. Save and Publish : Save your comic and publish no your profile and the website so that everyone can see it.


Q: How to perform actions on the objects?

A: To change the size : Select an object, now select the -/+ button of the 'Scale' from tool bar. Now keep clicking the object inorder to increase or decrease the size.
Same steps can be followed for other options like 'Rotate' 'Flip' .
Select the respective option and then click the object to perform operations like 'Move' ,'Bring Front' and 'Delete'.