We all love to tell stories, share our experiences, comment on issues that affect us and relive our journeys with our friends. Comics Head is a visual storytelling tool for iPad which enables you to do all of it in a visually compelling format-combics and photo journals. You don't have to be an artist.
The App is an easy to use comic creator and a self-publishing tool for young children and students to create your own storyboards, photo comics, business presentations or class projects! If you have an idea, you can instantly create visually dazzling content on the go. It can also be used by teachers as an engaging classroom tool to make learning fun! Comics Head offers a wide array of themed art with incredible animation and loads of templates to start story-building with.

  • July 20, 2017
    Comics Head full version now available for free!
    The full version of Comics Head is now available on the iOS store for free. We are currently working on an update for the application so do keep a look out for something fresh!   iOS: https://it
  • November 11, 2016
    Comics Head V3.1 receives 5 star rating from Educational App Store!
    After the release of the Version 3.1 of Comics Head, the app is getting more praise than ever. The Educational App Store gave a positive review about all the newly added features and is especially exc
  • November 2, 2016
    Comics Head featured on Class Tech Tips!
      The new version of Comics Head, version 3.1 has taken off well with a positive review from the techies at Class Tech Tips. The review starts of with an in-depth introduction on Comics Head and
  • October 13, 2016
    Comics Head version 3.1 for iPad is now live with the 'Art Pool!
    The all new and updated Comics Head full version 3.1 for iPad is now live with the most awaited 'Art Pool' created by the users for the users! The Art Pool is an Art sharing platform where com

November 24, 2016

Great App!
I've never been able to draw a straight line with a ruler, let alone do something like draw a cartoon, so this app is a lifesaver. Congratulations on a really nice job. It's easy to use, intuitive, and useful :) Good luck with it.

April 04, 2018

Didn’t have photo
It doesn’t even have photo with picture

December 02, 2017

Glitchy after last update
I rely on this app to create visual support stories for educationally handicapped high schoolers. It’s been very useful. At this point, I can’t even see the characters in the asset menus because the thumbnails are loading as incomplete renderings: colors missing to the point I can’t even see half of them. No longer useful.

August 05, 2017

This is one of the best comic apps I have seen so far. There's no text limit, there are so many options, and it is easy to use. My only complaint is that you can't zoom out on the strip you're working on. It would be nice to be able to do that so you can work on things around the border. Other than that, there is nothing I would change. Great app!
  • Josh's Egyptian Adventure The First Audio Comic using Comics Head
    by 7 year old Josh

  • The Wild West Adventures of the Internet Kid
    by Kevin Hodgson

  • The Little Book About BIG Words
    by James Roberts (Gentleman Jim)

  • Recipe For Results: The 7 Day Diet For Every Body
    by Chris Gilders & Jenny Gilders